Useful Links

Useful (and often free) Softwares.


Text Editor: TeXShop.
Online text editor (useful for the iPad and collaborative projects): ShareLaTeX
Track modifications on LaTeX files: latexdiff. (requires perl)
MathIM : online chat with a LaTeX feature.

Reference management:



Free Matlab: Octave.
Numerical analysis with Python: Anaconda.
A great text editor for programming, Sublime (not free).
Linear programming with Stata.


This website's engine, Drupal, and useful extensions:

  1. Biblio: to manage articles and references.
  2. Views: to display content using a query.
  3. Internationalization: to manage a bilingual site.
  4. DruTeX: to typeset LaTeX code in html.

Other Useful Links

Generate pictures from LaTeX online.
P-value calculator.
Understanding a PhD in twelve pictures.
In doubt...